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foXXtail: Sushi Pirate

I should be allowed to glue my poster

Erica Talbot
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I live in Cleveland, where I cook, play games and work in a science center. I also, for some reason, am a moderator at the Gen Con Forums. When not doing any of those other things I can usually be found outside, preferably playing in the rain, or filling out my extensive beer notebook.

This is what the weather is like here:
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7th guest, 7th sea, admiring nature, adventure, arguing about cheese, art, audience participation, autumn, bards, beer, being, being bitten, being naked, being outside, being passionate, being unconventional, being weird, besm, billowing, biting, board games, calvin cartwright, carl sagan, charcoal, chipotle, cinnamon, claymores, climbing things, climbing trees, cloudy days, constructing things, cookies, cooking, cosmos, costumes, cramming things in me, crow t. robot, cuddling, dancing in the rain, dice, dungeons and dragons, enjoying nature, epicurean experimentation, everything 2, fall, falling down, flirting, futurama, gadget hackwrench, gadgets, games, garlic, gencon, ghostbusters, good eats, halloween, having projects, hefeweizen, hiking, homebrewing, homestar runner, hot tubs, hugging, imagination, ink, jelly bracelets, karaoke, karaoke revolution, katamari damacy, lost skeleton of cadavra, mars, math, michael ian black, mike jittlov, mini skirts, monster rancher, moxy fruvous, mst3k, mystery science theater 3000, nascrag, nerds, nigori sake, not acting my age, nyquil, opportunity, order of the stick, paper, passionate people, penny arcade, perplexcity, physics, pine, proton packs, puerto rico, purple, puzzle-solving, radio-free vestibule, rain, rapiers, reading, robert the bruce, robot puppets, robots, role-playing, role-playing conventions, sci-fi, sci-fi marathons, science, science centers, science fiction, seti, settlers of catan, shadowrun, singing in the car, sketching, snow, soul caliber 2, soul caliber 3, space, special effects, spinny hugs, spirit, star control 2, steve buscemi, sushi, swashbuckling, swimming, talking about lame things, talking heads, the 80s, the conversatron, the creative spirit, the night sky, the vestibules, they might be giants, traipsing, trees, unicorns, valanthe meliamne, vanilla, vinyl, we love katamari, wind, witbier, working out, wosat, wrestling people, zelda, zombie jesus